behind-the-scenes of the Channel 4 dark comedy, written and directed by Will Sharpe. I worked on it as a lighting trainee and took these photos in between takes.

Olivia Coleman as Deborah
dream sequence
Daniel Rigby as Donald
baby waits for her cue
Shun's clearing
Julian Barratt as Maurice
Leila Hoffman as Hattie
Sophia DiMartino as Amy
Olivia Coleman as Deborah
Baumgaertner ghost
Will painting for a close-up
forest location
Shun shows Donald his clearing
Baumgaertner burning scene
moonrise from the Flowers' house
the burning scene
last shot of the day
Amy having a breakdown
Donald drives the party van
caravan holiday location
Will Sharpe directing
Slug in the Flowers' garden
Baumgaertner ghost
adding effects
fight scene

© 2018 by HAZEL PALMER

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forest location