Camera Operator

Hazel Palmer



Half hour documentary for BBC 'Get Inspired'. 2nd camera (C300) on skates

British and Irish Lions Uncovered

Documentary (Stamp Productions)

Interviews with Warren Gatland - camera & lighting

Mark Thomas 'The Red Shed'


Live theatre show plus 'documentary extras' on location around Wakefield

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BT Sports

BT Sport

Studio ped camera on various sports shows including Rugby Tonight, Speedway, The Score, Boxing Tonight and Test Match Cricket

Ask Attenborough


Live-streamed Q&A with Sir David Attenborough at The Science Museum, hosted by Ben Fogle. Tracking ped camera.

EU Referendum Debate

Facebook Live / Buzzfeed

Studio camera - Live Question Time with David Cameron, Nicola Sturgeon and Nigel Farage 

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Annual gathering of top global thinkers, including Stephen Hawkins, Bill Clinton, Tim Berners-Lee and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Abbey Road - Sgt Pepper at 50

End The Silence charity event

Live music event with London Symphony Orchestra, Ellie Goulding and Ronan Keating. Handheld camera

The new Porsche Panamera Hybrid drives through London at dawn. Aerial shots (Cineflex)

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IAAF World Athletics Championships


World Athletics competition from Doha, filming the events for the American network

Abbey Road Sgt Pepper Anniversary

End The Silence charity event

Handheld camera on live music event with London Symphony Orchestra, Ellie Goulding & Ronan Keating

FIA Formula E

Channel 5/BT Sport (Aurora)

Premier electric motor sports live broadcast - handheld RF Sports Presenter roving camera.

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Silent Witness

BBC (Flying TV)

Drone camera/gimbal operation, shooting on Arri Alexa Mini

Blue Peter

BBC (Flying TV)

Aerial filming for 'Codebreaker' feature. Cineflex operating from helicopter

GWR Intercity train launch

Facebook Live & BBC News

Live broadcast of inaugural Intercity Express journey from Bristol to London. Cineflex live-link from helicopter for Flying TV.

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Flowers, Series 2

Channel 4 (Kudos/Hootenanny)

Dark comedy starring Olivia Coleman and Julian Barratt. Lighting Trainee with DOP Jamie Cairney. 

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014


Follow spot operator

Losing It

Short film

Director of Photography (RED camera) - short fantasy film, directed by Colin Moody.

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Career history

Experienced across a wide variety of TV, film, video and event productions. After completing a degree in Photography, Film & Television in 2000, I was Camera Trainee on detective drama REBUS before taking a full-time job with internet TV arts channel, Worldart. There I became Camera Supervisor, leading a crew of 20 on a daily live TV broadcast from the Edinburgh Festival, then filming and editing content for the channel during the rest of the year. Travelling around the world with my daughter, I spent time as a news cameraman in New Zealand, creating content for TVNZ and TV3. 

As a freelancer, I've gained knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of genres including sports, documentary, music, arts, news, reality, commercial, drama and short film-making. I am adept at rigging and operating (peds, box lenses, handheld, remote systems) and comfortable working in the studio or on location, single camera or multi-camera, live or rehearsed. I also have experience of  filming from helicopters, motorbikes and rollerskates.

As well as my camera skills and good eye for a shot, I'm proficient at lighting, sound recording (in-camera and editing, with a decent technical knowledge and problem-solving ability, along with a friendly and positive attitude.


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